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I <3 the Chronicles. :')

I've always known and loved the movies but only some 9 months ago I seriosuly got interested in the Chronicles... and recently finally got to check out the books (the first 4 of them). Will be reading them from cover to cover in time...

Check out my Lestat & Marius Fan Site, about the parent / child relationship between Lestat & Marius in the books and in the movie. Also there's my opinions on the Chronicles generally and on Lestat's character:

NAME: Benjamin
AGE: 24
SEX: Male

F a v o r i t e s

CHARACTER IN THE CHRONICLES: Lestat, Marius. Both individually and especially together. <3
"Louis, you're making it irresistable!" -Lestat
"You are the damnedest creature! You make me think of the old story about Alexander the Great. He wept when there was no more worlds to conquer. Will you weep when there's no more rules to break?" -Marius
"Only the impossible can do the impossible." -Nicki.
BOOK: The Vampire Lestat.
MOVIE BETWEEN IWTV or QOTD: Don't make me pick! IWTV is far superior as an adaptation of the book it bases on and is more powerful as a movie generally but... QOTD has some strange charm too. And it's the one with Lestat and Marius - they will always make it enjoyable, even if the script writers fucked the relationship up pretty much. Though not completely, fortunately...unlike certain musicals...
ANNE RICE SERIES: The Vampire Chronicles. I don't even know any others. And don't care. VC rules.

D i s l i k e s

CHARACTER: No one of the more main characters so far.
BOOK: I haven't read them ALL yet. So far liked all, except maybe IWTV isn't all that great as I don't much like the Lestat version in it.

R a n d o m:

FAV COLOR: Dark reds, dark blues and black.
FAV MOVIE: Peter Pan (2003), Queen of the Damned, Interview with the Vampire, Young Guns movies and The Breakfast Club.
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