Ren (egnirysdetcejni) wrote in immortal_litany,

Name: Ren
Age: 19 (will be 20 in 6 days)
Sex: Female
Location: Campbellsville, KY
Orientation: O.o

F a v o r i t e s

Character in the Chronicles: Lestat, Louis, Armand, Marius, David, Maharet, Mekare, Benji, Sybelle, Roger, Quinn

Quote: "Your 500 hundred years old and you don't know how to use a telephone? What are you, an immortal idiot?"

Book: The Vampire Armand, Blood and Gold

Character Name: Amadeo

Movie between IVWAV or QOTD: IwtV was waaaaaaaaaaaay better than QotD. They had everything wrong in that movie.

Anne Rice series: The Vampire Chronicles

D i s l i k e s

Character: I HATE SANTINO!!!, Gabrielle, Mona, Jesse, Claudia, Santiago

Book: I didn't dislike any of the books.

Scene: ...

R a n d o m

Fav color: silver and blue

Fav movie: Pirates of the Caribbean, V for Vendetta, A League of Their Own, Interview With the Vampire, Ju-On, The Grudge, Resident Evil, The Rundown, Harry Potter, LotR, But I'm A Cheerleader, Rocky Horror, Phantom of the Opera, Boondock Saints

Fav food: seaweed, curry
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