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Entering A New Life

Hey, everybody. I'm Holly, and I'm new to LJ and Immortal Litany. I've only read from Interview with the Vampire to Tale of the Body Thief, and I'll be started Memnoch the Devil soon. Just have to finish off a few other books before I can settle down on just that one and enjoy. =]

Name: Holly
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Orientation: Straight

F a v o r i t e s

Character in the Chronicles: Lestat, Armand, and Marius.

Quote: There are so many that I love. There's no way I could choose.

Book: The Vampire Lestat (for now).

Character Name: Lestat because it's so unique and somehow fits him so well.

Movie between IVWAV or QOTD: Interview. It just made it all seem so much more realistic to me, and it followed the book much more closely. Plus, we get to watch Lestat dance around and with with a corpse. 0.o

Anne Rice series: The Vampire Chronicles. For sure.

D i s l i k e s

Character: Err. Uhmm. Idk. Santiago was one of them, I'm sure.

Book: So far Queen of the Damned was my least favorite because it skipped around so much. But at least it all pieced together nicely in the end.

Scene: When Nicki was truly dead.

R a n d o m:

Fav color: Garnet and darker violets.

Fav movie: Interview with the Vampire, The Crow, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean and so many others.

Fav food: Anything my mom and I bake. =]
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