Dustin Rei Watson (dustinreiwatson) wrote in immortal_litany,
Dustin Rei Watson

I wrote to Anne Rice last week, and she actually wrote me back two different times to let me know she enjoyed my letter and to touch back with me on the different things I wrote her about in the first place.

She was very quick with her responses, too. I thought that strange, but whatever.

Just thought I'd share.

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Oh my gosh! I'v been meaning to write to Anne.. But the fact that she replied! I'd be thrilled!

I'd love to know what you said in the letters, or to read them themselves. Unless thats too much trouble or they are too personal.

Well done Dustin I wish I got Anne Rice letters in the mail :D
I'm sorry it's taken so long to reply. I actually should have saved the letters I'd written to her, but in a nutshell, I spoke to her of my lifelong desire to write. I told her that since the age of five, I've known that writing is something I need to do.

But when I got into my teenage years, I dropped reading and writing and became a musician. I told her that music became my passion and I'd forgotten all about my former passion for writing. Then, several years down the road, my love for music waned for various reasons, and I felt pretty empty considering I no longer had any kind of creative outlet.

It was when my wife bought me the first four Vampire Chronicles that I rekindled my nearly dead love of the written word and for writing. It took only the first half of Interview for this love to be re-sparked.

Basically, I told her that she has played a crucial role in the vision of my life. And I thanked her dearly for that.

I guess that's the gist of it.

She wrote me back very quickly saying that she was very happy that I'd rediscovered my passion for writing. She said that she was very glad that she could help me in my "journey." And she told me I'd written her a beautiful letter, and she adored it.

That was cool.


I would like to know what did you talked about with Anne too, if that's possible

Anne is very much involved with her readers. I suppose That's why I enjoy her writing, because she actually cares what we think. I don't see Dan brown doing that.
No kidding! She really cares, and that speaks volumes.

I don't know what I think of Mr. Dan Brown. Are you a fan of his writing?

His work, at least in my opinion, is more the product of good timing rather than pure skill like Ms. Rice. After all, if you have a conscious eye of the rumors that surround Jesus Christ, you'll know that every fifteen to twenty years, these very same topics recirculate. Jesus was gay! Jesus way married! Jesus was a woman!

But then again, I haven't read much Dan Brown.


Yes, I agree. I never saw him as a pivotal and groundbreaking author. But he is a good master of suspense. But far as being a truly well written author, he's like a child and rather immature in his writing. Anne's style is talent, his is playing upon topics that are in popular deman.